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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the system requirement to run Ebook Maestro?
Ebook Maestro is compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/NT/Vista/7. It requires 300-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster, at least 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM, at least 250 megabytes (MB) of available space on the hard disk, Keyboard and a Mouse or some other compatible pointing device.

Q: Can I open web pages on the Internet directly from an eBook?
Yes, you can, if you are connected to the Internet.

Q: Does the external pages open in a new browser window or inside the eBook?
EBook Maestro allows you to select what should the eBook do if a user tries to open an external web page. The external pages can be opened inside the eBook or in a browser window.

Q: Can EBook Maestro compile large publications?
Yes, it can. Virtually it can create products up to 2GB.

Q: What should I do if my publication is not in an HTML format?
If you do not know HTML, or you wish to quickly create your publication, then you can convert a plain text or a Word document into HTML via the "Save as HTML" feature of Microsoft Word. After it is converted you can compile it with the eBook Maestro software.

Q: Is it possible to remove or change the 'Compiled with eBook Maestro FREE' line at the bottom of my eBooks?
You must use eBook Maestro STANDARD or PRO to be able to remove or change this line.

Q: How to register the trial version of eBook Maestro?
EBook Maestro STANDARD and PRO are based on the principle "try before you buy". Make the best of the free trial versions to learn the features of the software!
The Trial Version is full-functional, but the eBooks compiled with the trials cannot be distributed/shared/sold and you are the only person who can use them.

Q: How can I buy the eBook Maestro software?
You can buy a license for our products using Plimus secure payment systems. For this purpose you should fill in the purchase form on the corresponding web-site. You can access the site directly from the purchase page. Once the form is filled in and the transaction is completed, you will get your personal registration code within 24 hours. Having a registration code you can activate the program and disable the distribution limitations.

Q: On how many computers can I activate the software?
One license allows activating the software on 1 (one) computer.

Q: I want to buy multiple copies of the EBook Maestro software. Do you have any discounts available?
Yes, we do. You can see the volume discount schedule by clicking the 'Volume Discounts Available' on the purchase form.

Q: I don't know how to use the program. Where can I download the documentation?
If you have installed the program, you can find the User Guide in the start menu: Start > Programs > EBook Maestro > User Guide. If you are working with the program you can call User Guide from the About section. You can also watch EBook Maestro animated demos in the Animated Demos section of the web-site.

Q: Is it possible to get the software for free?
Our software requires registration and a license key to disable the distribution limitations of products that you compile with it. However, it is possible to get a free license key if you take your time and create an interesting tutorial using our software or submit your own article for our website. Read more about these opportunities.

Q: Can I become your affiliate and sell your software?
Would you like to become an affiliate and earn a commission? Click here to get more information about our affiliate program. Contact us at sales@ebookmaestro.com. We are always glad to discuss new opportunities and ideas.

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