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How to turn a flash game into a profitable product?

Probably, the most effective way to profit from a flash game is to introduce a registration fee and add limitations for unregistered users. When a user downloads such a game, he will be able to play it several days, complete several free levels or play as a character with limitations in case of a multi-user game. In order to continue playing or disable limitations, the user will have to register and get a registration code. After this registration code is entered, limitations will be disabled and the user will get access to the full version.

Use the eBook Maestro PRO compiler to introduce limitations. This compiler allows you to create stand-alone exe applications out of HTML, Flash and other files.

If you want to create a game with a limitation regarding the number of days.

1. Create a directory on the hard disk and put there flash and html files.
2. Open eBook Maestro.
3. Create a new project.
4. Use the Files tab to select the directory with flash files and specify the starting html file as the default file.
5. Select "Expire after X days" on the Protection tab.
6. Initialize protection.
7. Configure the Buy Page.
8. Compile.

If you want to create a game with limitations in levels and features.

1. Create a directory on the hard disk and put the flash files that will be available to all players to it. Use the same directory for the html files these flash files will use.
2. Create a subdirectory named 'protected' in this directory. This subdirectory will contain flash files available only after registration (with new levels and features). Also, use it to save html files that protected flash file will use.
3. Now a very important part. You must configure flash files in such a way that flash files available to everyone will call html pages available only after registration. Thus, once an unregistered user tries to open an HTML file from the protected directory, he will not see the requested file, but he will be offered to register and enter his code instead.
4. After you prepare all files for compilation, open eBook Maestro.
5. Create a new project.
6. Use the Files tab to select the directory with flash files and specify the starting html file as the default file.
7. Select "Encrypted Information" on the Protection tab.
8. Use the "Subdirectory to protect" field to specify the protected subdirectory with files for registered users.
9. Initialize protection.
10. Configure the Buy Page.
11. Compile.

While configuring the Buy Page, use the «Buy Page URL» field to enter the address of the page at your site with a detailed description of how to pay for the registration and get a registration code.

After you compile it, you will get an exe file of the game with limitations. Now distribute and promote your game, get money for registration and send keys to your customers.

Use the "Key Generator" section to create registration codes for registered users.

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