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EBook creation steps


1. Your idea about the eBook . Think what your eBook will be about.

2. EBook structure. Decide if your eBook will have the Left Panel and if it will have protected files.

3. Prepare a directory. Create a directory on your hard drive for the eBook files. If your eBook will have the Left Panel, create a subdirectory for it inside the eBook directory. And if there will be protected files, create a separate subdirectory for them as well.

Creating files

4. Create your files. Use your favorite software to edit HTML and images to prepare HTML pages, images and other files you are going to include into the eBook. Keep in mind that files for the Left Panel and protected files must be located in their own subdirectories.

5. Brush up navigation. Make sure you have not used any absolute hyperlinks - all hyperlinks must be relative.

Configuring the project

6. Create a project. Prepare a new project in the compiler.

7. Specify the paths. Specify the paths to the directory and subdirectories for the compiler to take files for creating your eBook from. And specify the path for the output exe file with the final eBook.

8. Specify settings. Configure the user interface of the eBook. Enable or disable the Left Panel. Also, if there are protected files in the eBook, initiate the protection module.

Compiling the eBook

9. Compile the eBook. Run the resulting exe file.

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