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What is Key Storage and what is this module for?

You will need the Key Storage module if you decide to sell retail CD packages offline. When you sell eBooks offline, you don't have an opportunity to send the activation key by e-mail. All you can do is print the key on the CD inset. But the activation key is too long for the user to enter it manually. Key Storage can help you to solve this problem. It adds an online registration system, and the user has only to type the registration form URL in the browser, fill in the form and enter the serial number to get the activation key by e-mail. Serial numbers are very short, and it's easy to enter them manually. This is just the right solution for selling retail CD packages offline.

How does it work?

The Key Storage module stores two lists for each product: a list of serial numbers and a list of activation keys. When a user fills in the form, the module checks if the serial number is in the list of unused serial numbers. If it finds the serial number in the list, the user gets an activation code. Otherwise, the user does not get the activation code. The administrator panel allows you to view the history of registrations, add new items to lists, generate serial numbers and print CD insets.

How to install the module?

1. Download the latest version of the Key Storage module using the menu to the right.

2. Unpack the downloaded file.

3. Upload the unpacked files to the webserver that will process registrations.

4. Use your browser to open admin/install.php on the web server.

5. Follow the instructions.

How to configure and start the module?

After you install the module, simply add your products and add serial numbers and activation keys to the corresponding lists.
When the module is configured, users will be able to fill in the registration form and get activation keys. Just place the URL of the form on the CD inset and add serial numbers to retail packages. The products are ready for sale!

How to edit user messages?

Templates of messages the user receives after successful/unsuccessful registration are located in the “msg” subfolder. To edit messages you should edit the following files:
Emailconfirm.msg – Template of an e-mail message the user receives after successful registration.
Getkeyno.msg – Template of a page that opens if the registration was unsuccessful.
Getkeyyes.msg – Template of a page that opens after successful registration.

You can use the following macros in templates:
$name – full name of the registered user.
$fname – first name of the registered user.
$lname – last name of the registered user.
$prodname – name of the product the user registered.
$actkey – the activation key.

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Key Storage module

Current version: 1.0

File Size: 38.2kb

To run KSM, the webserver you're hosted on must meet a few simple requirements. These are not terribly high, and as such most hosts meet them.
- PHP 4.1.0 or higher
- MySQL 3.23.4 or higher

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