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  Creates stand-alone EXE eBooks from websites (HTML pages)
  Protects your eBooks so that no one can steal them
  Adds trial limitations to your product for users to have to register it
  Allows you to make money from eBooks

EBook Maestro: EBook Compiler Software

eBook Maestro PRO 1.80
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Maestro compiles

Download eBook: "Motivation Chest - 30 Articles for Maximum Success". File size: 423KB

Download eGallery: "Peter Gric - Fine Art". File size: 1.46MB

Download Tools for web-designers.

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create eBooks

Creating an eBook from scratch - step-by-step guide. Read on-line.

A set of Wizards to easily and quickly create eBooks, Galleries and Offline Websites.

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with ease

Lack experience in designing eBook pages? Use ready-made eBook templates.


eBook Compiler Info

eBook Maestro is a versatile universal software that compiles any types of digital information products (such as eBooks, Presentations, Magazines, Albums, Galleries, Guides, Offline Sites, Reports, Documentations, Training Courses, Educational Materials, Tests, Quizzes, Software Wizards, etc.)

eBook Info eBooks compiled with eBook Maestro software support all character sets and can contain and open any files: HTML Pages, Graphic Files, Flash Files, Java Scripts, VB Scripts, Style Sheets, Sound Files, Video Files, etc.
Interface Info eBook interface is completely customizable. You can change any detail in the user interface, including the navigation bar, search menu, program icon, etc.
IE rendering engine info The IE rendering engine is used to visualize pages. It guarantees that everything is displayed without distortions and supporting the features used in Internet Explorer.

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