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Online Activation

It may happen that unfair users will share their keys with other users after they purchase the eBook. For you to be able to protect your eBook against being copied in such a way, we offer our Online Activation Module. You can find the module at http://www.ebookmaestro.com/oam/ . It will allow you to enable the online activation system. This system will completely rule out the possibility for registered users to share their keys with other people. How does this system work? When the user enters his activation key, the eBook connects to the module on your server. The module checks whether someone else has already used the key. If no, it permits the registration. If yes, the key considered invalid and the activation is rejected. The module also keeps the history of successful/unsuccessful activations for you and allows you to specify decision-making settings and keep black lists of keys.

To install the module, go to http://www.ebookmaestro.com/oam/ and follow the instructions given there.