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Automate Sales

Create a website for your product. Visitors of this site must be able to download and buy your eBook. To automate the process of accepting payments, we recommend that you use the services of an e-commerce provider, such as Plimus. Plimus does not require a registration fee and takes really low commission fees from each sale of your product. Besides, you can view statistics, create an affiliate network that will distribute your eBook, etc. Here you can get more detailed information about e-commerce providers.

Let us take Plimus as an example and see how to set up activation keys to be sent automatically to those who buy your eBook.
- Register as a Vendor.
- Log into the system.
- Click New Product.
- Fill out the form and click Submit.
- Move back to the main page (My Account).
- Click License Mgmt.
- Select New in Licenses Group and enter a name for the group of activation keys of your product in the Name field.
- Run eBook Maestro PRO, open your project and generate a list of activation keys for the product. The registration name must be empty because we need to generate a list of name-independent keys.
- Copy the keys to the clipboard when they are generated.
- Switch back to Plimus, use ‘Add Licenses' to paste the keys from the clipboard and click Submit.
- Go back to the main page (My Account).
- Click your product in the product list.
- Click the Full Version contract in the contract list.
- Open the License Keys menu and select your group of keys in the group list.
- Use the Order Email menu to configure the template of the message that will be sent to the buyer. Insert the <LICENSE_KEYS> tag into the message. It will be replaced with the product activation key.

Your template may look approximately like this:


Thanks for purchasing <PRODUCT_NAME>!

Your order has been processed by Plimus.
This is the name that will appear on your credit card statement.

Your Plimus Ref.No. is: <INVOICE_ID>
(Note: The Plimus Ref.No. cannot be used to convert the evaluation version of the software to a registered version.)

Please include your name and order number in all correspondence concerning your order.


Please save this e-mail receipt as a proof of your purchase.



To register <PRODUCT_NAME> enter:

Registration Name: <CUSTOMER_NAME>
Registration Code: <LICENSE_KEYS>

Don't enter the registration code manually, it is too long.
Please use the clipboard to enter the registration code:
1) Select the registration code (click the first character of the registration code, press and hold down SHIFT, and then click the last character).
2) On the Edit menu, click Copy (or Ctrl-C).
3) Launch <PRODUCT_NAME>.
4) On the Register page click the Activate Registration button and the registration form appears.
5) On the Registration Form enter your registration name and click the Get From Clipboard button under the Code field to enter your registration code.

- Go back to the General tab.
- Copy link from the Buynow URL field and publish it on our site in the book purchase section. A visitor of your site must follow this link in order to pay for the registration and receive an activation key.

Attention! Also, you should check the rest of menus and settings in the Plimus system yourself.

When the site is ready, upload it to a web server and start promoting your site and your eBook and watch how people download and buy your eBook.