eBook Maestro  


Want to publish your eBook? Want to help people with some issue? Want to have your own automated Internet business? You are just a few steps away from realizing your wishes.

This guide will take you through all stages of creating an electronic book. You will start from an idea and you will end up with a product and a website with an automated system for selling the product.

EBooks created with eBook Maestro have several advantages over such formats as PDF. For example:
- They are standalone Windows applications and do not require additional software.
- The multilevel protection system will not allow others to steal your eBook.

The solution for creating a commercial product offered by eBook Maestro PRO works in the following way. The eBook is divided into two virtual parts: paid and free.

The free part is available for everyone – the user can download your eBook and look through it.

The paid part is available only for registered user and requires activation. If an unregistered user tries to access the paid part, the eBook will ask him to pay for registration and enter the activation key.

Such a solution allows all potential buyers to try and evaluate the book before purchasing it, which considerably increases the level of trust and excludes the fear of wasting money.

EBook Maestro is an HTML->EXE compiler that uses the entire variety of HTML features. It means that it supports text formatting, images, Flash, Java Script, Audio, Video, etc. We will create a book in four steps: coming up with an idea, typing the text, getting pages ready and creating an eBook. After you create the product, you will also automate the process of accepting money for registration. Well, are you ready? Let's go then…