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Complete Feature List

Everything you need to create full-featured eBooks and other informational products can be found in eBook Maestro!

Here is the list of features you get with eBook Maestro software:

Universal compiler.
EBook Maestro is a universal eBook compiler used to create any informational products (such as eBooks, Magazines, Albums, Galleries, Guides, Offline Sites, Reports, Documentations, Training Courses, Educational Materials, Tests, Quizzes, etc.).

Structured compiler.
The exclusive format of our compiler allows you to create and modify eBooks easily. All settings are sorted by their purpose and you can always quickly come back to the setting you need to make the necessary changes.

Context help.
You do not understand what this setting is for, do you? You can quickly open a tip in any part of the compiler and it will explain you the purpose of any setting.

Saving projects.
Do you create a lot of eBooks? Want to update them in future? EBook Maestro saves all settings in a separate project file for each eBook. It will allow you to come back to the created projects and recompile eBooks without any difficulties.

Stand-alone eBook.
EBooks created with EBook Maestro are completely stand-alone EXE eBooks. After you compile an eBook, you get an executable file that does not require additional software or files to work with.

All your files are in the eBook only and nowhere else.
EBooks created with other compilers may extract files to a temporary directory before starting them, which makes it possible to get your files and use them in other eBooks. Due to a special architecture, when you start an eBook compiled with eBook Maestro, your files are not extracted into any temporary directories, which protects your files against being stolen. After you compile an eBook, all its files are built into one executable file and are not extracted anywhere. Exception: files used by some embedded objects.

Supporting any files.
You can include absolutely any files into your eBooks: HTML pages, Graphic Files, Java Scripts, VB Scripts, Cascade Style Sheets, Flash Files, Shockwave Files, ActiveX Files, Sound Files, Video Files, Java Applets, etc.

Supporting all character sets.
You can create eBooks written in any languages with any character sets.

Create eBooks with subdirectories to get more flexibility. EBooks compiled with eBook Maestro can have the tree of files and directories as complicated as you want. For instance, it allows you to structure your eBook in such a way that image files are located in one directory, video files are located in another directory, sound files are located in a third directory, etc.

Processing forms.
The entire Form Processing functionality is also available in eBooks compiled with EBook Maestro. Just specify the page on a remote web server that will process data the user enters into the form. Thus, you can offer your readers to subscribe to a newsletter, send mail via a mail form, vote, take tests, etc. right inside your eBook.

Full Windows Script Host (WSH) support.
You can use the entire range of WSH and Microsoft object features in your eBooks. For example, you can use Scripting.FileSystemObject to work with files/directories, Microsoft.XMLDOM to open/save/manage XML data, etc.

Advanced script features.
EBooks support a number of built-in properties, procedures and events. For instance, they allow you to work with the registry, run executable files, open color selection dialog boxes, etc.

Storing and processing data entered by the user.
With eBook Maestro, you will be able to create eBooks that can remember and use data entered by the user. Just imagine how pleasant it will be if an eBook uses the reader's name to address him or her.

Text - to - Speech features.
EBooks support Speech APIs used to say the selected text or the entire document aloud using headphones or speakers.

Visualization based on the HTML browser.
The IE rendering engine is used to visualize pages. It guarantees that everything is displayed without distortions and supporting the features used in Internet Explorer.

Ultra Fast Search eBook Feature.
Allows your readers to search for pages containing keywords. To make the search more convenient, the eBook highlights words found on a page. Besides, a special algorithm makes the search quick, which does not make the reader bored, unlike in eBooks prepared with other compilers.

Custom window caption.
You can specify absolutely any text to be displayed in the upper left part of the window and on the taskbar button of your eBook.

Custom Icon.
Create your own icon for your eBook so that your eBook stands out against other eBooks on the user's computer.

Changing web addresses.
You can specify hyperlinks to the home page and to the page with Reviews or Awards of your eBook for the user to be able to go to your page or to get additional information right from the eBook. Specify also your e-mail address for the user to be able to contact you.

Default window size.
You specify the size of the window to be used when the eBook is opened.

Resize / Minimize / Maximize.
If you do not want the user to be able to resize the window and to use the Minimize/Maximize buttons in the upper right corner of the window, disable these features.

Restoring the window of the eBook.
When the user opens the eBook each next time, it restores the previous state of its window: its size, position and also the last opened page.

Custom right-click context menu.
If you do not want a right click to open the menu or if you want to make some options unavailable for the user, eBook Maestro allows you to choose whatever you want: what should be there and what should not.

Custom controlbar.
You have the entire control over the way the controlbar looks like. EBook Maestro allows you to add/remove buttons and also completely customize the way the controlbar looks like.

Previewing the controlbar.
You can quickly preview all changes you apply to the controlbar before you compile the eBook.

Left Panel.
The Left Panel allows you to show the user additional information (e.g. the table of contents).

Custom search panel.
You decide what the search panel will look like. EBook Maestro allows you to change the appearance of the search panel.

Previewing search panel.
You can quickly preview all changes you apply to the search panel before you compile the eBook.

Disabling Print Screen and Copy/Paste.
To prevent information from being stolen, you can disable the Print Screen and Copy/Paste operations in your eBook.

Disabling selecting and dragging.
The images and text of a usual eBook can be stolen by dragging the selected part or the entire document into the window of some HTML editor. EBook Maestro allows you to disable selecting and dragging.

Disabling print features.
If you do not want the user to be able to print your eBook, you can do it - EBook Maestro allows you to disable the print features.

Verifying the checksum.
EBooks verify their checksums. If someone decides to introduce changes into your eBook, the eBook would not open.

High-quality and quick compilation.
EBook Maestro compilation algorithms are as optimized as possible. The eBook is compiled really fast.

Small size.
The strong compression algorithm reduces the size of files after they are compiled. Later they are unpacked on the fly without a single byte of information being lost! That is why after you publish your eBook on your website, it will be possible to download it even with a slow Internet connection.

Unlimited opportunities.
The entire set of the abovementioned features provides you with unlimited freedom in realizing your creative ideas!

Absolutely free for creating non-commercial eBooks.
EBook Maestro FREE does not require payment if you create non-commercial eBooks!

If you are going to get income from your eBooks or to include them into your commercial projects, you are welcome to eBook Maestro STANDARD and PRO!

Creating commercial eBooks.
You can create as many commercial and non-commercial eBooks as you want.

Bottom Bar.
The bottom bar allows you to add a short text string and a hyperlink. For example, offering the user to buy a relevant product. Or if you are somebody's affiliate, you can specify your hyperlink here to get your commission fee.

Register EBook Maestro PRO and you will get even more features!

Adding try-before-buy limitations.
Limit access to some part of the eBook for the user to have to register the eBook to get access to it. EBook Maestro PRO allows you to protect directories and files to prevent an unregistered user from accessing them.

Key generator.
EBook Maestro PRO features a key generator for creating personal registration codes for registered users.

Encrypting Files.
During the compilation process, EBook Maestro PRO encrypts files protected against being viewed by unregistered users. Encrypted files cannot be decrypted until the user enters his or her registration name and code.

Trial period limitation.
You can limit the use your eBook by unregistered users to a certain period of time (days or uses). After the trial period is over, they will have to register to continue using the eBook.

Buy Page.
When an unregistered user tries to open a protected page, he sees the Buy Page offering the user to get registered in order to access the entire contents.

Online Activation Module support.
The Online Activation module allows you to prevent registration codes from being shared between users.

Key Storage Module support.
When you sell eBooks offline, you don't have an opportunity to send the activation key by e-mail. All you can do is print the key on the CD inset. But the activation key is too long for the user to enter it manually. The Key Storage Module can help you to solve this problem.

Quick Buy Page customization.
Due to Buy Page customization, you can easily change the image of the eBook and the «Buy Now» button. It allows you to quickly create personal versions of your eBooks for your affiliates so that the «Buy Now» button contains their special hyperlinks.

Previewing Buy Page.
EBook Maestro PRO allows you to preview all changes applied to the Buy Page before you compile the eBook.

Customizable "eBook Maestro Homepage" buttons.
Want to increase the income your eBook gives? You can advertise eBook Maestro in your eBooks and get 40% commission fee for each purchase made from your link! Customizable "eBook Maestro Homepage" buttons allow you to specify your affiliate links.

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